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Press conference

On the 09th. of June, 2014. a press conference took place in the restaurant Romanca cellar

The conference is aimed at promoting wines of Citluk winery, with a focus on a few brands in the category "top quality wines". The reasons are numerous of awards for quality, which wines were awarded all these years. Winery Citluk regularly has been applying its wines in all regional competitions (Fair Mostar, Vinovita Zagreb, Split Gast ...), this year and the European Winemakers Litomerice, Czech Republic ... Each of them brought highest awards, golden or the champion one (Cabernet Sauvignon, vintage 2011th, even 2 champion: Fair Mostar and Winemakers Litomerice, Czech Republic) ...

Kameno, Blatina de Broto, Cabernet Sauvignon are the most awarded. It is no coincidence in the sense of "good harvest", but constant quality that these brands guarantee. Good results have a base in all aspects of the process of formation of wines - from the vineyard, through processing and manufacturing to the cellar.

350 ha of plantations of local and international varieties (Zilavka, Bena, Blatine, Vranac, Trnjak, Plavac, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot) guarantee a sufficient quantity of good grapes, even in bad years ... Each of the nine plantations have been under expert supervision of experienced agronomists who follow the development and health of vines. The winery is equipped with devices for cold maceration, cold and refrigerated fermentation, stainless steel tanks, barique barrels ... And to add to all, chief enologist, mr. Tihomir Prusina, the only doctor oenologist throughout the state. All this is the reason of many awards.

So, rightfully, we recommend premium wines of  Winery Citluk.