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Every year, on the Herzegovinian wine scene new brands are born, new crops are planted. From Winery Citluk comes HERZEGO - new name and image of the quality wine category. Leaning on the existing group of wines from the category, enriched by a new member - Herzego Plavac.
HERZEGO is therefore a new brand - the family name; the name of the variety is the name of the product.
The previous wine offered from this category is recognized and accepted by the consumers in all markets where it has been available.

The idea is to refresh the desk with a new and modern bottle appearance, without changing the wine. The name "HERZEGO" is a new version of the old name "Herzegovinian".
HERZEGO - a name that refers to the well-known Herzegovinian origin and strong personality of the brand.
The desire is to acquire and satisfy the customer, to acquire and maintain his confidence.
For the upcoming holiday season, as an ideal time to taste and enjoy wine, warmly recommend it with the best wishes.
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