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International economic fair Mostar 2015

Within 18. international economic fair  ¨Mostar 2015¨ was held traditional international rating quality of wine. There was hunderd samples wines from BiH and region, which was rating by the highest standards just like every year befor.

With their successes, winery Citluk distinguish itself as a leading and most successful winery in BiH. This time, as also many time befor, medals come as certificate for our quality. From six register samples for rating, we award six gold medals and three wines are in champions class.


  • Blatina de Broto         86,50  Gold medal    (champion class, red wine cultivar  of Blatina)

  • Vranac                      85,00  Gold medal

  • Cabernet Sauvignon   87,00  Gold medal

  • Vranac Barrique         89,25  Gold medal    (champion class, red wine without Blatina)         

  • Žilavka Mostar           86,50  Gold medal

  • Kameno                    87,25  Gold medal   (champion class, white wine cultivar of Žilavka)