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Extremely practical packaging, designed primarily to extend the life of the wine in an open bottle, because the wine in contact with oxygen begins tooxidize and evaporateand has a limited duration.
The wine is in the bag (with the faucet)which was placed in a cardboard box. On one side of the box is perforated porti on through which the faucet pulls out and used for pouring. Wine remains firmly protected and fresh for a long time use. Faucet does not allow oxygen to enter the container, acardboard box protects wine against impact and light which is also the enemy of wine. The boxes are suitable for fridgeandby placingon any flat surface pouring is easy regardless of the size. The most common in use are those of 3or5 liters as optimum for carrying(the handle) for domestic supply.
Citluk Winery offers Hercego Zilavka(quality white wine) and Hercego Blatina (quality red wine) in 3 liter "bag in box" packaging.