It is difficult to define the origin of name Zilavka. It is supposed that the name symbolizes fine fibers,...

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It is difficult to define the origin of name Zilavka. It is supposed that the name symbolizes fine fibers, which are able to bee seen in a grape through its thick but transparent membrane, and adjective Herzegovinian says that this sort is luxurious, mild and rich nowhere as in Herzegovina, where it originated, and formed characteristics, adapted and equalized itself with rocky environment. Zilavka wine has different effect on different people. It attracts wine lovers with its specificity and peculiarity, specific aroma and characteristic strength of south wines. Zilavka wears mark of Herzegovina. Beautiful crystal clear, yellow-greenish color, specific aroma, balanced amount of alcohol and acids, high extract – outshines Zilavka from other wines. Zilavka is strong wine with 12-14% of alcohol, 5-6 g/l of total acids, with total extract of 20-27 g/l. Its fullness and distinguish achieves by longer staying in a bottle.


is red autochthonous Herzegovinian sort. It has functional female flower (self sterile) and for that is always grown between other cultivars (sorts) as Allicante bouschet (Kambusa), Merlot and Trnjak which are also pollinators of Blatina. Blatina must contains from 19% to 22% of sweetener, sometimes even more, and total content of acid is 6.7 g/l. Wine reaches 12-13% of alcohol content. Color of the wine is ruby-red, it has recognizable specific aroma as well as full and pure taste. As a south wine it has preferable concentration of acids. It’s good for wine to age few years in a wooden barrel, moreover quality of the wine gets better up to five years. It’s recommended to drink this wine with meat, venison, and especially with roasted meat, fish-paprika soups, and beef prosciutto. The proper way to drink this wine is to drink slowly, on the temperature of 18oC from fine shaped glasses, and if you’re in the country ambient you should drink from wooden cup (bukara). Beware of its strength! It contains condensed sun and mere Herzegovinian summer heat.