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Na škrtoj hercegovačkoj zemlji, kršu, kamenu i drači iznikao je vinograd BLIZANCI kao svjedočanstvo hercegovačke upornosti i prkosa.

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Brocco PRESTIGE – SEC, vintage 2013

  • Brocco PRESTIGE – SEC, vintage 2013

    Winery Citluk produced naturally sparkling wine, Brocco PRESTIGE Sec, classical method. Grape varieties Žilavka and Chardonnay, in the same proportion, the viticultural Trtla position, 450 m above sea level.

  • Awards and medals

Zilavka Mostar

  • Zilavka Mostar

    Alcohol 12,5 % vol; Packaging: 1L; 0,75L; 0,178L; Serve at 10°C

    High quality dry white wine; Controlled origin - Mostar Wine district, BH
    Among the first fine wines with protected peculiarity in 1970th year. It is made of the indigenous grape varietie Zilavka, and up to 15% supporting indigenous varietie Bena from the chosen locations of vineyards. Dark straw color, in background - greenish, crystal clear, dense. Initially a bit closed, clean, partially intense, ripe and complex, opens slowly. Dominant tertiary aromas, and then begin to perceive fruity aromas. The fragrance is rich in floral aromas such as meadow flowers and roses, with light addition of grass, citrus and aromatic herbs. Taste is a combination of strength, freshness and aroma.
    Powerful wine, very good consistency, gentle bitterness as varietal characteristic, and at the same delicious taste of alcohol, warm. Wine contains 12.5 - 13% vol alcohol and 5-6.2 g/L of total acids.
    It can be consumed before, during and after meals. Cooled to 10-12°C agrees with all white meat dishes, fish, clams and crabs,... a lamb without Zilavka in Herzegovina is unthinkable.
    Annual production: 200000-250000 L


  • Awards and medals

    Top rated Žilavka variety wine:

    •     Mostar Fair 2009

    Gold medals:

    • Mostar Fair 2015- BiH
    • Vinovita Zagreb 2010. - Croatia
    • Gast Split, Dionizijana 2010. - Croatia
    • Mostar Fair 2010.- BiH
    • Mostar Fair 2009.- BiH
    • Mostar Fair 2008.- BiH


  • KAMENO (STONE wine)

    • 90% Zilavka; 10% Bena; 12 - 13,5% alc.
    • Packaging: 0,75L; 0,187L; Serve at 10-12°C
    • On the poor Herzegovinian soil, karst, stone and thorn-bushes the vineyard BLIZANCI is grown, as a witness to Herzegovinian endurances and ability to survive. Out of grey stone have risen 300000 vines-tocks: 90% Zilavka and 10% Bena.

    This balance of grape types and the location of vineyards always exposed to warm Herzegovinian sun is the basis for the famous dry white wine called KAMENO (STONY WINE). Stone vine is of a light-yellowish-green colour, crystal clear with 12-13,5% of alcohol and total of 6g/l acid and it is ranked among the best wines. Cooled down to 10°C it is delicious with fish, cooked or roasted meat, as it is with different starters or vegetable dishes. It is bottled in packaging of 0.75 lit.

  • Awards and medals

    Dionizijana 2006, GAST Split, Croatia

    • KAMENO rated as white wines champion (among 400 different samples):

    Mostar Fair 2015., BiH

    • KAMENO, Vinarija Čitluk 2014. god.: CHAMPION class, white wine, cultivar of Zilavka (score 87,25)


    Top-rated variety wine:

    • Mostar Fair 2010
    • Mostar Fair 2013th


    • Mostar fair 2015.- BiH
    • Vinovita Zagreb, 2010. - Croatia,
    • Dionizijana 2010, GAST Split, Croatia,
    • Mostar Fair 2011 - BiH
    • Mostar Fair 2010 - BiH,
    • Mostar Fair 2009 - BiH
    • DIONIZIJANA 2014, GAST Split, Hrvatska (score 85,20)


  • Tvrtko

    • 12 - 13% alc.
    • Packaging: 0,75L
    • Serve at 10 - 12°C

    Technological overripe Zilavka grapes are transformed into top quality wine Tvrtko. Of glowing golden color with a reflection on the green, crystal clear, in the glass shows excellent consistency. Ripe, full, massive and delicious Zilavka in the beginning of a complex and heavy scents, quickly opens with ripe fruit flavors of peach, banana, pineapple, apple; followed by aromas of dried figs, apricots, dates, and then almond, vanilla, honey. The flavor is excellent, complex and harmonious. Alcohol gives him strength, acid - freshness, the rest of unfermented sugar sweetness and dry extract riches. Of excellent harmony and duration, the aftertaste is measured in minutes.
    Cooled to 10-12°C goes well with spicy and aromatic meals. specific recommendations is: to be drunk with a goat cheese.
    It is bottled in packaging of 0.75 lit.

  • Awards and medals

    Gold Medal

         FAIR Mostar 2011th Bosnia and Herzegovina (vintage 2009)
         Gast Split, Dionizijana 2009th Croatia

    Top Rated Zilavka variety wine

         Mostar Fair 2008.


  • Chardonnay

    • 13,5% alc.
    • Packaging: 0,75L
    • Serve at 10-12°C

    Top quality dry white wine. Controlled origin - Mostar vineyards, BH

    At the hill Trtla, vineyard position above 400 m elevation, Chardonnay gives above average quality grapes. Since 2008. the Winery Citluk produces premium Chardonnay wine.

    Living and shining bright straw yellow color with greenish hues, crystal clear, showing very good consistency. On the scent recognize notes of white fruits like apples, peaches and quince, which are interwoven with citrus tones and notes of wild flowers. The body is medium strong with a long, clean, pleasant ending. Wine contains 13 - 14% vol. alcohol, 5 - 5.5 g / L of acid and extract 22-25 g / L.

    It can be consumed before, during and after meals. Cooled to 10-12 ° C matches with all white meat dishes, fish and shellfish, crabs, and with a delicious cake.

  • Awards and medals

    Gold medals:

         Mostar Fair 2011 - BH
         Vinovita Zagreb, 2010. - Croatia
         Mostar Fair 2010 - BH
         Mostar Fair 2009 - BH


  • Rosary

    Rosary is a superb wine. Made from autochthonous cultivar Blatina by technology of white wine with cold fermentation.

    It is characterized by crystal clear pink color. Well balanced, harmonious and full of flavor accompanied with pleasant fresh scent of raspberry, currant, strawberry and cherry. Ideal for hot days with light summer foods, it is really refreshing.

    Serve at 10-12°C.


  • Awards and medals

Blatina de Broto

  • Blatina de Broto

    • Alcohol 12 - 13% vol.; Packaging: 0,75L; 0,178L
    • Serve at 18°C

    This famous dry, red wine produced out of the same named sort of wine grapes, with 15% addition of pollination sorts, from strictly defined localities of Mostar vineyards. High quality dry red wine; Controlled origin - Mostar wineregion, BiH. Dark and compact living and glowing ruby color with garnet reflection, but at some impressive consistency. On the nose it opens gradually, plenty of spicy tone. Noble, nicely developed, typical of the deep and warm lasting aroma, fruity and spicy character. In the background, except discreetly expressed in tones of dried tobacco recognize the aromas of ripe plums, grapes, figs, marmalade of dark berry fruit, a trace occurs vanilla, carob, roasted almonds and chocolate. The taste is very attractive, soft, rounded and smooth. The flavor is delicate, slightly bitter, lively, warm, rich, full and dry. Wine is a complex, honest. The specific taste and smell varietal wine adorn Blatina ranking it among the most famous red wines. Wine is 12.5 -13% vol., total acidity 5.5 - 6 g/L and extract of 25-32 g/L. Goes well with lamb, roast veal, beef, game, fish - grilled and fried, smoked beef and cheese. Serve at 18ºC. Beware of its power! It is the sun condensed along with all of Herzegovina summer heat. Annual production: 120,000 to 150,000 L

  • Awards and medals


    GAST Split 2010. Dionizijana 2010. - Croatia: Blatina de Broto - Champion of still red wines


    Blatina de Broto has been the best wine of the variety in:
    Mostar Fair 2011.
    Mostar Fair 2010.
    Mostar Fair 2008.
    Blatine de Broto has been rated the scores for the gold medal in:

    • Mostarski Fair 2015.- BiH
    • Gast Split 2013.- Croatia
    • Vinovita Zagreb, 2011. - Croatia
    • Vinovita Zagreb, 2010. - Croatia
    • Gast Split, Dionizijana 2010., Croatia
    • Mostar Fair 2010. - BH
    • Vinovita Zagreb 2009. - Croatia
    • Gast Split 2009. - Croatia
    • Mostar Fair 2009. - BH

    GAST Split, DIONIZIJANA 2014. Croatia

    • BLATINA De Broto, Winery Čitluk, 2011., CHAMPION rated wine in the group: quiet red wines (score 87.80)


    • BLATINA De BROTO, Winery Čitluk, 2013.: CHAMPION class wine, cultivar of Blatine (score 86,50)

Trnjak de Broto

  • Trnjak de Broto

    • 12,5% alc.
    • Packaging: 0,75L
    • Serve at 18 - 20°C

    Trnjak is one of the indigenous varieties in Herzegovina, of unknown origin and insufficiently tested grape. Mainly planted sporadically in the gardens and sinkholes as single grape vines or in large vineyards as pollinator of Blatina variety.


    Winery Citluk planted the first large Trnjak vineyard in 2006., the position Dubrava, and obtained first, pure varietal harvest 2009. This variety is still not well understood, but lately more and more growers planted, since proved to be thankful variety of regular and good fertility.

    Must is of exceptionally high quality with a sugar concentration 20-26%, and 4.5 - 6 g / L of acid. In favorable conditions, has a sugar concentration above 28%. The alcohol content of the wine is 12 to 15% volume, with 4 - 5.5 g / L of acid. Wines are intensely colored, dark ruby red color, very pleasant aroma and balanced flavor.

    Perfectly agrees with ham, cheese, oily fish, fish stew, stew, roast lamb and veal.
    Served at a temperature between 18 and 20 ° C.

  • Awards and medals


  • Vranac

    • 12% alc.
    • Packaging: 0,75L; 0,178L
    • Serve at 18 - 20°C

    At vineyards along Neretva river, downstream from Mostar, plantations of Vranac are spread.
    Extremely good conditions for wine growing have given grapes of top quality.

    Vine production is done through the most modern procedures in Citluk vinery giving recognizable aroma and character to the sort vine Vranac.

    Wine is a compact living and shining, quite dark ruby color with moderate developed warm and soft scent of fruity and spicy character. Smoky notes, aromas of dried and mineral, are intertwined with aromas of dark and stone fruits, fresh and cooked. Dried fruits gives pleasure, more prominent when the wine a little stand in contact with air. It tastes delicious with roast meat, fish specialties, game dishes and smoked ham and cheese.

    It is drunk cooled at the temperature from 18-20°C.

  • Awards and medals

    Gold medals:

    •      Mostar Fair 2015- BiH
    •      Mostar Fair 2011 - BiH
    •      Vinovita Zagreb, 2010. - Croatia
    •      Mostar Fair 2010 - BiH
    •      Mostar Fair 2009 - BiH
    •      Mostar Fair 2008 - BiH


    Silver medal:

    • XII. WINE Litomerice, 11.4.-12.4. 2014 House of Culture and Gothic castle Litomerice, Czech Republic, score 85.8, (vintage 2011)
    •      Gast Split, Dionizijana 2013. - Croatia

Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

    • 13,5% alc.
    • Packaging: 0,75L
    • Serve at 16 - 18°C

    Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine of intense ruby-red color, pronounced varietal aroma, full-bodied, dry and extremely harmonious taste. With aging significantly increases quality.

  • Awards and medals

    Latest awards for Cabernet Sauvignon:

    • Mostar Fair 2015. 

    ​           Gold medal (vintage 2012)

    • XII. VINO Litomerice, 11.4. - 12.4. 2014, Czech Republic;  Best rated foreign red wine, gold medal, score 91.8 (vintage 2011)

    •  Mostar Fair 2012.
      silver medal (vintage 2010)
    • Mostar Fair 2010.
      champion - of all red wines (vintage 2008)
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