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Na škrtoj hercegovačkoj zemlji, kršu, kamenu i drači iznikao je vinograd BLIZANCI kao svjedočanstvo hercegovačke upornosti i prkosa.

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  • BAG in BOX

    Extremely practical packaging, designed primarily to extend the life of the wine in an open bottle, because the wine in contact with oxygen begins tooxidize and evaporateand has a limited duration.
    The wine is in the bag (with the faucet)which was placed in a cardboard box. On one side of the box is perforated porti on through which the faucet pulls out and used for pouring. Wine remains firmly protected and fresh for a long time use. Faucet does not allow oxygen to enter the container, acardboard box protects wine against impact and light which is also the enemy of wine. The boxes are suitable for fridgeandby placingon any flat surface pouring is easy regardless of the size. The most common in use are those of 3or5 liters as optimum for carrying(the handle) for domestic supply.
    Citluk Winery offers Hercego Zilavka(quality white wine) and Hercego Blatina (quality red wine) in 3 liter "bag in box" packaging.

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Hercego Plavac

  • Hercego Plavac

    • 12,5 % alc.
    • Packaging: 0,75L
    • Serve at 16-18 °C

    The wine is produced of the homonymous grape variety from the  Stony vineyards area. Purple to dark red wine color with the reflection of the blue. The smell is pronounced and lasting and very complex, which reveals the typical aroma of fruit; plums, figs and almonds, Mediterranean herbs and spices. Aging in oak barrels, this varietal aromas are further refined with aromas of wood and with aging wine gets softness, drinkability and complexity.

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Hercego Zilavka

  • Hercego Zilavka

    • 12% alc.
    • Packaging: 3L; 1L; 0,75L; 0,178L
    • Serve at 10-12 °C

    Hercego Zilavka is high quality dry wine, yellow-greenish colour, pleasant flavour and a taste that gets its fullness from a high extract.

    It tastes excellent with see food, ham, white meat, and lamb and veal steak.

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Hercego Blatina

  • Hercego Blatina

    • 12% alc.
    • Packaging: 3L; 1L; 0,75L; 0,178L
    • Serve at 18-20 ºC

    Hercego Blatina is a high quality dry wine, of dark-ruby colour, recognizable sort aroma, full and clear taste.

    It tastes excellent with cheese, ham, smoked beef, lamb, veal steak, fish stew and game dishes.

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Hercego Vranac

  • Hercego Vranac

    • 12% alc.
    • Packaging: 1L; 0,75L; 0,178L
    • Serve at 18-20 °C

    At vineyards along Neretva River, downstream from Mostar, plantations of Vranac are spread. Extremely good conditions for wine growing have given grapes of top quality.

    It tastes good with cheese, smoked beef, grilled fish, lamb, roasted veal, beef steak, and game dishes.

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  • Romanca

    • Semi-sweet wine
    • 11,7 % alc.
    • Packaging: 1L; 0,75L; 0,178L
    • Serve at 18-20 °C

    Romanca is a quality, refined, semi-sweet red wine, made of Blatina, Vranac and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties.

    Serving temperature: 18-20°C

    Produced, bottled and stored:  Wine- cellar Citluk dd Citluk

    Distributor: Hercegovinavino dd Mostar

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Romanca (white)

  • Romanca (white)

    • 12% alc.
    • Packaging: 0,75L
    • Serve at 10-12°C

    Romanca is a delicate semisweet wine from autochthonous cultivar Zilavka. Cold maceration and fermentation as the rest of unfermented sugar

    gives the wine a light fruity flavor, pleasant bouquet, full, harmonious and delicious taste.

    Serve at 10-12°C.

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